Just what you needed….another blog to read!

The internet is bursting forth with new blogs, websites and words of wisdom.  So why another, from an obscure author in Texas?  Well, I guess I believe that our life experiences help each other.  We’re also unique in our personalities and if there’s any way I can connect women with other women, and especially women with our Lord, Jesus Christ…I want to do that. I love to write,  and have time at this point in my life and want to share a few things with others. I’m not so arrogant as to think I have anything super spiritual or great words of wisdom, which are so profound that no one else could think of them.   I’m just a simple girl, with simple beliefs. Not that these beliefs haven’t been tested in my 58 years.   As you read through my blogs, you’ll come to find out that they have been tested in many ways. I have definite ups and downs.  I find that it’s in the valleys that I truly meet with the Lord, and so I share those with transparency.IMG_2856