Reasons Why I Still Believe People are Staying in Church


Every week, it seems, I plod through another article of why everyone is leaving the church.   I’m weary of it.  Can we please talk about why people just might be staying in church, or even searching?   Can we at least take a moment to see the good in some of our churches?

Can we also take into consideration the areas of the world where the church is flourishing?   Maybe not in the mega-arena forums to which we’ve become accustomed, but the church of Jesus Christ IS growing.

Church building the man built himself

Here are just a few reasons I believe in the church of Jesus Christ, and trust that people are still going and have not deserted the bride of Christ.

  1.  People are still drawn to the cross of Jesus Christ.  Daddy and 1st Christian CrossJesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”  Most churches still speak of the death, burial and thankfully – resurrection of our Lord and Savior.   He is still being lifted up, and people are still drawn to Him.  Let’s not minimize the power of this fact.
  2.  People are hurting and broken, and many still know that the  church offers hope.  Sure, we’re all broken, but many of us have  come to know the healing power of Christ, and we care about  those who haven’t.
  3.  We may be losing some teens, and that is tragic (it’s tragic when we lose anyone), but there are  plenty of great parents who are determined to raise their  children in Jesus.    Also, there are still some great Youth Ministers.   Granted, there are some who are still “entertainment minded,” but I know of many who genuinely love the kids they teach each week, and are extremely conscientious about how and what they teach.  Many children are being blessed and for a lot of those kids, it’s the one safe place   they have to learn about God.
  4. Worship leaders (please – let’s not argue over terminology right now) may sing some new songs, and may wear skinny jeans, however – many of the hearts of those I know are focused on Jesus.   Music focused on Jesus, whether hymns or contemporary, is still speaking to hearts and touching those who love our Lord.
  5.  Finally, I believe people are staying in church because they know we have a Savior Who shed His precious blood for her.   And nothing, not a country going under, not persecution, not apathy, NOTHING can stop the church of Jesus Christ, because she is powered by the Holy Spirit Who is with us, and Who speaks to our hearts, guides parents, speaks, teaches  and loves through preachers and youth ministers, and sings through song leaders.



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