Texas, You Will be Different

Devastation mounts as over 20 counties are flooding as I write.   Here’s my heart.

Texas, you will be different when all this is over.

You will have seen the worst…and the best.  You will have seen the worst devastation you can imagine, and you will see that God can rebuild and restore.

You will have seen the worst in people as they loot, steal and take advantage of you, but….

you will have seen the best in those who tirelessly, hour upon hour, risk their own lives to rescue, serve food, give of themselves, give resources, give clothing, diapers….and the list goes on.

You will change.   You will now have memories nobody should ever have to deal with, but you will have people to talk with about those memories, as you and your neighbors band together to rebuild.You will change.

You will no longer take for granted a dry, clean house, nor the sun that shines.

You will know somewhere in the backs of your minds that people are rioting and hating but HERE…..http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2017/august/songs-of-praise-fill-the-air-in-houston-shelters

You will have heard and seen the praise to God in song, and the prayers lifted up in your behalf.

You will have lost about all you have in this world….but..

You will realize that your most prized possessions and loves mean nothing compared to the love and lives of family, friends and strangers.

You will wonder where God is, and yet…..

If you allow Him….He will show you through the sunset, through love of others, through His many surprises.

Yes, you will be changed, different.  And I don’t pretend to know how hard it will be. But if you will allow us, the rest of the world, to love you and care, you will know that we have changed also – as we care for you.



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