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He Calls Me “Sis”

This is an exciting, scary and yet fun blog to write.   It will surprise many people, maybe even shock them, but I’m asking you to not read into it anything that is not there.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me personally, but please do not spread gossip or speculations.  And please understand that those questions may or may not be answered.

I felt this was the best way to get the news out, and since he is going to be a part of my life now, after 61 years of being without him, it will be difficult to not share news which includes him.

By writing this I want to honor the fact that my Mom gave life.  And gave it sacrificially.  Mom grew up in West Virginia.

I’ve known for many years that I had another brother.   While that always nagged in the recesses of my brain, I never pursued it.  After Bruce, my brother died, and then my parents….I felt like an orphan.   I’ve had such a hole in my life, especially with my own kids and grandkids living so far away.  Unless you’ve lived that, you have no idea that ache that is in one’s heart every single day.

I knew there was another sibling somewhere out there and began looking for him. However, I had such little information, my efforts were futile.

 I just gave up hope.

I never let it consume me, but I did pray about it, and left it in God’s hands.   Well, this week God answered my prayers!   My brother found me!   Through efforts of his wife, and moving of God, I now know my brother….at least by phone.

We talked…we laughed, I cried, we treasured the fact that we both have a sibling now!   And some of his statements I am treasuring in my heart;  “It’s great I have a sister.”  “I’d love to get together,”  “I just can’t believe I have a sister now!”

And I can’t believe I have a brother now!

Lane was raised by my Mom’s aunt and uncle who could never have children, so he was an only child, and has been for 70 years.   Until now.  Now he has a sister, now I have a brother again.   Neither of us knows when we will meet personally….but we’re both hoping for it.  A huge thanks to his wife, Vanessa, who searched and searched for the rest of his family.

He calls me “Sis!”

I wish Mom could have known him.   It’s my understanding that there were times, when he was little, that she watched him from afar.  I can only imagine the pain of that.  Thankfully, I know God has now taken her pain away.

We’re trying to put some pieces together, answer a few questions, speculate on some others.  But….we do know we love one another.

Hoping you will share in our joy.