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God Chooses to Use the MOST Unlikely People – The Lyin’ Hooker

I am always amused, and sometimes have to laugh, when I’m reading the Bible and come across those most unlikely people God uses.

Sometimes we are guilty of doing God’s choosing for Him.  How many times have we thought or actually said (yes, we’ve heard it), “So and so would make a nice Christian, or church member.”

On the flip side…have you ever looked with disdain at someone God is using for His greater good?

The spies, in Joshua 2, were told to go check out Jericho.   Imagine their surprise when they ended up on the porch of a prostitute.  “Wow, what are we going to tell Joshua?”  But they stayed, because she welcomed them, it was in God’s plan, and they needed help.

A lyin’ hooker.  A prostitute.  Someone who was accustomed to bedding down men for a living.  And there they were.


I can imagine what the women were saying, because women sometimes tend to be the worst at things like that.    (sorry, but it’s true)

Here we have one of those stories we’re afraid to tell our kids, and one we tend to make excuses for of why God would have chosen her.

But the fact is He did..and the 2nd fact is – He still does, and he honored Rahab for her obedience.

And only when we start seeing others with the eyes of Jesus, Who allowed a prostitute anoint His feet, Who gave living water to a woman who couldn’t hold onto a husband, Who allowed unclean women to touch Him….only then will we see the magnificent work of God in their lives…and in ours.